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Boys and girls names - D

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Choose your baby's name. Some parents are clear about it, but others have not made up their minds yet.

can I help you? Well, here we have many proper names of people, with their respective origins and meanings, although their meanings sometimes vary according to the sources and interpretations.

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DAGOBERTOGermanoThe one who carries the sword
DANIELHebrewGod is judge
DEBORAHebrewBee, industrious
DELMIROGermanoOf distinguished nobility
DEMETRIOGreekSacred to the earth
DIANALatinGoddess of the moon
DIONISIOGreekThat belongs to Dionysos
SUNDAYLatinSon of the lord
DOMINICANLatinSon of the lord
DONATOLatinGift from God
DORAGreekGift from God

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