A very special snack: Oreo cookie muffins

A very special snack: Oreo cookie muffins

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There is nothing that drives children crazier than a chocolate bar, tablet or cookie. They are delicious!

They are cookies with a great chocolate flavor and cream that they love. They are among the favorites of children for that chocolate flavor, and they will like to be able to take them in another way.

Well, it turns out that my daughter has put on her apron last weekend and has prepared a very delicious cooking recipe: Some muffins made with Oreo cookies.

Muffins are ideal for breakfast or a children's snack. You cannot abuse them, of course, but if you have a free time you can go to the supermarket, and then have fun in the kitchen with the little ones ...

Kids will love learning how to make the muffins, and then eat them with a nice bowl of milk. In addition, you can prepare these muffins so that your child can share them at a birthday party or some other special occasion.

If you want to take the children to the kitchen and prepare these delicious 'Oreo' cookie muffins with them, follow this link that we will teach them, step by step, how to make them.

A very easy and very exquisite recipe, to which you can add a scoop of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice cream, strawberry or chocolate syrup, chopped almonds, etc.

Also, if the "oreo" cookies have not arrived where they live, you can prepare the same recipe with other similar cookies, that is, they are chocolate and have some filling. Children will lick their fingers!

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