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Brick by brick we are building this house, no, better this home, or better yet this corner where we, parents, newcomers and veterans, can share ideas, information and experiences about the education and health of our children. This space, built 12 years ago, managed to receive 2.8 million visitors in the last month of May.

The official audience data have given us this great joy. makes history reaching more than 11 million page views and 2.8 million unique visitors, which represents a growth of 75 percent when compared to the data issued in the month of May of last year. All of this is possible thanks to the interest, trust, participation, collaboration and support that all of you give us, day by day, to our work, in articles, forums, blog, in everything. This encourages us to always keep going, with persistence and determination, with our work.

Our magazine is the web of family resources, in the Spanish language, most read in the world. Our audience is measured by Nielsen and audited by OJD is number 1 in audience and one of the websites that grows the most in visits. The number of visitors to our digital magazine represents the sum of the audience of almost all family resource magazines audited by OJD. our site has 74 percent of its audience made up of women and that is why it is a reference among the female audience. According to Nielsen-OJD data, the community of parents that we all build together has an audience equal to the sum of visitors to such well-known magazines as Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan combined. We are proud and happy about these achievements, although we never lose the perspective that the most important thing is the children, their health, education and happiness. That is what really matters. Many thanks! Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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