Good! Children will no longer smoke in parks and restaurants

Good! Children will no longer smoke in parks and restaurants

The 75 percent of the Spanish population, who DO NOT smoke, are in luck. He ended up coming home reeking of tobacco for having had a coffee with friends in a bar and I ended up seeing and finding cigarette butts in the sand of parks and children's leisure areas, when I go with my children.

The new anti-smoking law will ban smoking in closed public places as of January 2, 2011, in Spain. Therefore, smoking is prohibited in all closed bars, restaurants and entertainment venues and there will be no possibility of setting up a smoking area. That means that I will no longer have to wonder where I can and cannot enter with my children. For me it is a great advantage, something as simple as being able to choose the place that I like the most to have a drink, without mine or myself being harmed by inhaling tobacco smoke.

Tobacco is also prohibited in all hospital premises, including entrances and the transit area. Thus, my son will no longer ask me why the health personnel, if they know that it is bad and they themselves recommend not smoking, do it at the door of the clinic. What's more, smoking is prohibited in educational centers, except in open areas of university campuses, so the seniors of the school will not set a bad example to the little ones by smoking at the door before entering class, and in children's leisure areas. No more seeing parents entertaining themselves, cigarettes in hand, while they watch their baby's movements in the park and then throw the cigarette butt next to the swings, while smoking is still allowed in stadiums, bullrings and outdoor venues. open air without a roof or awning, on terraces, in bingo halls and casinos, in mental hospitals and prisons, at the door and on the outskirts of university campuses, and in 30 percent of hotel rooms. smokes will not suffer, at least in their daily life, the harmful effects of tobacco, and they are guaranteed their freedom to choose smoke-free spaces, without feeling obliged to inhale other people's smoke. And is that 5,000 passive smokers die in Spain every year, an unfair figure for all those affected, which is reinforced by the 50,000 people, who die every year in Spain, according to the Ministry of Health, from diseases derived from tobacco consumption, a figure higher than the total of deaths from traffic accidents, AIDS and illegal drug use.Tobacco is not only harmful, addictive and harmful to health, it is also annoying for the people around a smoker. For reasons that are unknown, and are not understood either, the Ministry of Health partially legislated, which made, in practice, many hoteliers chose to keep their premises as suitable for smokers, something that they will no longer be able to do. Nonetheless, It is estimated that deaths caused by tobacco have been reduced, since the entry into force of the law, by 1,500 annually.Marisol New.

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