6 things you need for bath time with your baby

6 things you need for bath time with your baby

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Bath time is such a sweet bonding time with your new baby. And it can also be a little nerve wracking. But with these six bath time essentials, you can help your little one feel cozy and put your mind at ease.

Before you know it, your newborn's gonna be sitting up, crawling around, and outgrowing everything. So getting a tub that can expand as your baby grows will actually save you from having to buy multiple versions.

Using a bath sponge will help prevent your baby from slipping around in the tub. Because it's designed to support your baby's head and keep them comfy.

You're gonna wanna make sure the water's warm but not too hot. And here's where these come in. These floating toys will not only tell you the temperature of the water, but your baby can play with them once they're old enough. This guy's really cute.

Babies have very delicate skin. And Johnson's Head-to-Toe is specifically designed with that in mind. It's non-irritating for their eyes and skin. And the lotion will keep your baby moisturized all day long.

Kneeling down to bathe your baby can take its toll on your knees. But by using a kneeling pad, you can make sure you're comfortable while spending more time washing and playing with your baby.

Wrap your baby literally from head to toe with a hooded towel. Make sure all parts are warm and snug. And they're pretty adorable.

And remember, have fun with bath time. It's a great opportunity to bond and really enjoy some one-on-one time with your baby.

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