Baby sleep: Bedtime routines

Baby sleep: Bedtime routines

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Behold, the mighty bedtime routine

A calming bedtime routine can help your baby fall asleep.

Ideas for your bedtime routine:

Tip #1: Let off steam

Burn pent up energy before settling down for the night. Follow up with calmer activities.

Tip #2: Chat for a while

Start by describing your baby's day, and don't forget to give your baby a chance to respond.

Tip #3: Have a soak

A bath is a great way to transition to bedtime. Warm water is soothing. Babies only need a bath once or twice a week. On other nights…

Tip #4: Get cleaned up

Wipe face, hands, and feet; change diaper; and change into pj's.

Tip #5: Say goodnight

"Goodnight, lion."
"Goodnight, owl."
"Goodnight, music."

Say goodnight to your baby's favorite things.

Tip #6: Read a story

Read from your baby's favorite bedtime book.

Tip #7: Sing a song

Sing a lullaby or a favorite song. The sound of your voice soothes your baby.

Tip #8: Play some music

Lullabies, soothing music, or white noise can help your baby settle down. Leave it on at a low volume after you leave.

Tip #9: A kiss

And lights out!

Choose a few ideas for your routine, and be consistent. Sweet dreams!

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