How to put sunscreen on a toddler

How to put sunscreen on a toddler

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How to put sunscreen on your toddler


Put a physical barrier between the sun and your child with a product that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide

Look for broad-spectrum coverage with an SPF of at least 15

Apply sunscreen before going outdoors, no matter the weather

Reapply every two hours or right after swimming or towel drying

Cover evenly on all exposed skin

Commonly forgotten spots are the backs of hands, tops of feet, and between fingers and toes

Put sunscreen on your kid's face last

Don't forget your child's ears, lips, and hair part


Make it fun! Let your child paint the sunscreen onto his body (Warning, this could get messy!)

Or give him a sunscreen stick and let him color his body

Use protective clothing like SPF sun shirts and hats. Hello, sunshine!

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